About Us

YAYUANSHI take honesty, pragmatism and innovation as the cornerstone of our company. Over the years£¨ we have been promoting the idea of "green, low-carbon, high quality, fashion". We have an experienced engineering team and management team, committed to develop green, low-carbon, long lasting, elegant decorative materials. We hold several patents, using advanced technology to recycle waste material to a greater degree. From "plastic replacing wood" to "plastic replacing stone", turning waste into treasure. We will try our best to reduce the damage to our environment.

YAYUANSHI is a professional plastic building material manufacturer. Right now, our product lines include PVC ceiling and wall panel, PVC profiles, 3D leather panel, PVC marble sheet, PVC marble moulding, PVC vinyl flooring, offering the integrated full space interior decoration solution.

With competitive price and great quality, our products have been sold to more than 100 different countries. As an industry leader, we have been imitated by our competitors, but never been surpassed. YAYUANSHI is dedicated to “Changing the feeling of living”. We will continue to improve our technology, developing more great products to return our customer’s trust.


Our Vision

Changing the feeling of living.


Our Mission

Decoration is an evolutionary process that strives to create beauties beyond our best imagination. It shapes what we desire and how we live. But it also challenges our resources, energy and health. We at YAYUANSHI aim to solve these problems by producing green, cost effective and attractive decoration materials.


Our Values

Honesty-We deliver what we promise.

Green- Green not only means our products are environmentally safe, but also means the raw materials we choose are abundant resources and our manufacture process is energy efficient.

Cost effective- Our products must reflect the °įbest buy°Ī. They should be durable, maintainable, and cheap. Inexpensive, short-term solutions do not necessarily produce cost savings over time.

Attractive- Our design should have high aesthetic value, exceeding our customer°Įs expectations, instilling pride of ownership, and promote productivity in the working and living environments.

Happy-We enjoy creating great products that make our customer happy





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