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Headquarter: Haining Zhuangheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

E-mail: admin[AT]
Address: No.1 Tuanjie Road, Minfeng Industrial Park, Area 2, Yuanhua, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China. 

Second manufacture base: Haining Yayuanshi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: Muhangtou, Liquncun, Dingqiao, Haining, Zhejiang, China.

Third manufacture base: Haining Yayuanshi Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: Daqugongyeyuan, Yunchen, Shanxi, China.

Fourth manufacture base: Zhejiang Ouhong New Materials Co., Ltd.

Address: No.19-1 Huangwan Industrial Park, No.12 Jinniu Road, Jianshan New Area,Haining,Zhejiang,China. (Former address: No. 8 Chuangye Road, Area 3, Industrial Park, Shuangfeng Village, Yuanhua Town, Haining,Zhejiang,China. )

International Business office: Haining Yayuanshi Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Address: 1109-1111 Guanglong Fortune Center, 238 Qianjiangxilu, Haining, Zhejiang, China. 




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Common Questions & Answers

1. I am a building owner, I like YAYUANSHI’s products. But how can I buy ceilings from YAYUANSHI for my own use?

 Currently, YS don’t have global B2C sales channel, but our distributors, dealers are all over the world. Please send an
E-mail to us, let us know your location, the type and quantity of products you want. We will help you get what you want
at lowest cost.

2. I am a distributor. I have my own brand and product line. Does YAYUANSHI offer OEM?

 Yes, we do offer OEM and certificates, such as CO, SONCAP, SGS. Please contact us, give us detailed information and
pictures of your product. Our engineering department will estimate it. If we can do, we will give you a quote as soon as

3. How can I become a YAYUANSHI authorized dealer or distributor?

 You need to get qualified by YAYUANSHI to get our authorization. There are certain requirements for you to represent our
products. Don’t worry, please contact us, our representatives will guide you through this quickly.

4. I am a construction contractor, I want to buy large amount of ceilings and wall panels for my own project. Can I get a
wholesale price from YAYUANSHI.

 YAYUANSHI is always willing to offer our lowest wholesale price to our customers. First, please send us your basic
information. If in your place, we have dealer or distributor, we will contact them to give you wholessale price. If no,
you can buy from us directly. But the cost for delivery is always a concern, especially for international customers. For PVC
ceiling, 3000 square meters is corresponding for 1 small container, 1x20GP. If your order is just 1000
or 2000 square meters PVC ceiling, you may consider to buy some other products from us, like 3D leather wall panels.
Or we may help you to buy some other building materials from local manufactures, like doors, windows, pipes,
ceramic tiles to fill up your container.




Contact Us

Address: No.1 Tuanjie Road, Minfeng Industrial Park, Area 2, Yuanhua, Haining, Zhejiang, China
Tel: +86-0573-87867163
Fax: +86-0573-87867163

E-mail: admin[AT]